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Git History Graphs

1 minute read

This is more of a reminder for myself so that I can remember how to edit my banner image.

Fix tearing for NVIDIA in Ubuntu 18.04 Mate

less than 1 minute read

I noticed terrible tearing inside firefox after upgrading to 18.04 and getting new 2k monitors finally. I had a guess that it was related to vsync not being ...

Terminator Setup in Ubuntu

2 minute read

I have found that terminator is one of the best terminal programs available for managing multiple terminals. I was tired of switching between contexts until ...

Three Phase Vector Diagram in Qt QML

5 minute read

I needed to draw a phasor diagram that is typical of a three-phase power system. I chose Qt because I was most comfortable with the framework. I quickly real...

Automate Jekyll Production

2 minute read

The main benefit I see of using jekyll is being able to edit a plain markdown file and have it appear live on the Internet in just a few seconds. In order fo...

Installing jekyll on Linux

less than 1 minute read

I use jekyll on some of my projects to produce a static html web page, like this one. I can easily edit the source and have an OK looking frontend without do...